Vladivostok Day by Day - Scheduled guided tours in English

Vladivostok Day by Day     -  Scheduled guided tours in English
  • Duration: Weekly
  • Tour date: from May 15 till October 15 2020

Route program

Dalintourist Company offers you to join our scheduled guided tours in Vladivostok in English. You can choose every excursion you like or combine a multi-day tour and save money! All prices are per person. 



10:00-13:00Vladivostok sightseeing tour + Submarine S-56 - 50 USD

13:30-15:30Food tasting tour – Far Eastern cuisine with fresh seafood - 49 USD

08:00-20:00National Park “Land of Leopards” and boat ride - 236 USD Optional: lunch + 9 USD




10:00-14:00Russkii island tour - 63 USD

10:00-17:00Russkii island tour + visiting Aquarium with dolphin show 147 USD

07:00-23:00Gamova peninsula off-road tour. The Far Eastern Marine Reserve - 214 USD Optional: lunch + 16 USD




10:00-15:00Safari park – best way to see TIGERS! - 100 USD

16:00-18:00Sea excursion - 90 USD

12:00-14:00Food tasting tour – Authentic Russian cuisine - 49 USD 




10:00-14:00Boat ride including marine farm with oyster and scallop tasting - 180 USD Optional: seafood lunch + 16 USD

16:00-19:00Back in the USSR - country that no longer exists - 117 USD




10:00-16:00Legendary Trans-Siberian railway experience with Dacha tour and Automobile Antiques Museum - 90 USD

16:00-18:00Walking tour to the historical quarter of Vladivostok (Millionka) - 20 USD

09:00 – 17:00Russkii island HIGHLIGHTS – off-road tour - 217 USD Optional: lunch + 13 USD




10:00-14:00City tour on 3 types of public transport - 38 USD

16:00-19:00Fort #7 – a part of legendary Vladivostok fortress - 64 USD




10:00-16:00 –  Adventure tour to Elena island - 98 USD Optional: seafood BBQ  + 18 USD

10:00-14:00Local life experience – Chinese and farmers markets with lunch at Chinese cafe - 32 USD Optional: lunch + 13 USD 

16:00-18:00Walking tour to the historical quarter of Vladivostok (Millionka) - 20 USD 



Booking conditions and cancelation policy:

  1. All excursions start from the central square. Please meet the guide with the sign DALINTOURIST right near the highest monument.
  2. Cut-off time – the day before the excursion (before 4:00 PM).
  3. Сancelation without fees – the day before the excursion (before 4:00 PM).
  4. Minimum number of pax – 3. The excursion can be canceled in case of less than 3 pax in the group.
  5. The company can cancel the excursion due to bad weather conditions (Boat rides and sea excursions).
  6. Please provide your contact information: full name, phone number (if available), hotel.