Dalintourist company offers full range of rent-a-car services. 

If you plan to rent a car we recommend you to reserve it beforehand. In order to make a car reservation please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Documents required:

- Passport

- International driving Licence (at least one year driving experience is required)

- Credit Card (Visa, American Express, Master Card).


Minimum Rental:

- 24 hours for self-drive

- 3 hours for chauffeur-drive


Methods of payment:

- Major credit cards (Visa, American Express, Master Card)

- vouchers and invoices

- Cash or Bank transfer


All Prices are in Rubles.

When opening Rental agreement a certain amount of money will be frozen on your credit card by taking an authorization code. If you return a car with a full tank and without any damages this sum will be returned to your account immediately.



Driving in Russia - FAQ's


Can I use my national driver’s license?

Dalintourist recommend to have a notarized translation of your driver’s license or international driver’s license category B and the owner is minimum 21 years old (for some car models 23 years old).


Accidents and damages?

The procedure for dealing with accidents and even material damages is different in Russia. Turn you hazard lights on to alert other cars and place the warning triangle 10 meters behind the car. Do not move the car or leave the place of accident. We strongly recommend you to call us.


What are the speed limits?

All distances and speed limits are in km/h. Generally speaking for the speed limit for category B vehicles in cities and towns are 60 km/h, on highway 90 km/h and on express highways 110 km/h, unless otherwise indicated on signs. While fines are low compared to many European countries, many bigger cities have speed cameras as well as cameras detecting prohibited use of bus lanes.


What if I am stopped by the police ?

The Russian traffic police is called DPS (ДПС). When they approach cars they should introduce themselves and indicate the reason for stopping your car. At their request you must present driver’s license, vehicle registration documents, passport and migration card. We welcome all our clients to call us immediately should there be any communication issues or emergency issues.


Are there any advantages driving in Russia?

Many places are suddenly within reach more effectively if using a car. Obviously, the big supermarkets, but also many lesser known attraction and hidden gems.


How do I rent a car?

All you need is an international driving license, passport and a credit card. You may pay in cash, but we always block a deposit on your credit card simultaneously. The deposit we unblock immediately when the car is returned.