Back in the USSR - country that no longer exists

Back in the USSR - country that no longer exists
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Tour date: Every Thursday, from May 15 till October 15, 2020
  • Price($): 117 USD

Route program

Each person at least once in his life thought about traveling to the past. Unfortunately or fortunately, the time machine has not yet been invented, so you can touch the history with the help of our tour. 


We invite you to plunge into the days when goods were bought by coupons, posters hung with communist slogans on the streets and you could buy the most delicious soda in the machine, survive one day of the Soviet citizen on our tour. More than seventy years have passed, and at the same time, we meet the bygone Soviet era at every step. 


At the very beginning of the tour, you will find a fascinating program that will help to create moments from the past years under the banners of the USSR. We will add your emotions with a guided tour of Vladivostok, where you will see the features of a city from the times of the USSR, monuments and buildings in the Stalinist Empire style. 


In the Soviet years, Vladivostok was a closed naval base and an outpost of the country in the Pacific Ocean. To get into the city, you had to have a special pass. After the visit of Nikita Khrushchev to Vladivostok in 1959, the city began to develop actively, new buildings and monuments appeared in it. Many buildings, considered today as highlights of Vladivostok, were built precisely in Soviet times. Despite the closed status of the city, its inhabitants were open to everything. Thanks to the amazing radio programs of the time, they knew more about foreign countries than the inhabitants of the rest of the Soviet Union.


No matter how stringent the rules, of course, there were those who took the risk and transported goods that were scarce in the USSR for resale. Such sailors, as a rule, were called huckster, and those who resold imported things were often called speculators. Largely thanks to them, the residents of Vladivostok were one of the most fashionable and, as they would say in the 90s, “advanced”.


You will be shown where was the center of market relations of Vladivostok that times - the Sunday flea market, was located in the area of ​​the upper funicular station.


It is important to understand that the flea market was not an exhibition center with the best foreign goods. "Tolkuchka" is a flea spontaneous market where only their Soviet things are sold and sold openly. Foreign goods, especially those prohibited on the territory of the USSR, had to be looked for.


You will also see the very restaurant that was built in 1974 to honorably receive VIP guests - General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev and US President Gerald Ford.


We will tell you what was this era? How did it change the city life? What did the Vladivostok inhabitants live all these years?


After that, you will go to lunch in the dining room in the best traditions of the Soviet Union, with a queue and trays. Each dish is prepared according to Soviet and modern recipes - from olivie and "Herring under a fur coat" (seledka pod shuboy) and homemade patties to delicious European delicacies.