Tiger Day

Tiger Day
  • Tour date: 30th September


The Tiger Day in Vladivostok is celebrated with great scope. Everything begins with a bright carnival procession along the Ocean Avenue. In the tiger parade, children, schoolchildren and adults participate.
The purpose of this holiday is to induce the inhabitants of the Far East and the population of the whole planet to think about the need to preserve on Earth such a rare representative of the cat family as the Amur tiger.

Route program

Vladivostok has its own corporate holiday. It is called the Tiger Day and is celebrated on the last Sunday of September. In the south of Primorye it is a "velvet season" - guaranteed warm and sunny weather.


Invented a holiday in the late 1990's Vladimir Troynin (1937-2006) - a seaside writer, hunter, a great lover and connoisseur of nature, the author of the books "Stories about the Whales" and "Year of the Tiger." The holiday immediately took root. Already in 2001 it received the status of an official city event, since 2008 it has become a regional holiday and every year is celebrated with ever greater scope.

In the celebration of the Tiger Day, Primorye people of all ages, beginning with the most tender and ending with a deep retirement, traditionally take part.


The nail of the holiday is a tiger carnival: a crowd of adults and children in striped suits, with faces painted under the tiger, descend down the Ocean Avenue to the central square of the city. Sports competitions are held here, music is played, various competitions are held, townspeople get acquainted with environmental organizations and their activities.

The number of sculpted images of the tiger appearing at different points of Vladivostok, soon, it seems, will exceed the number of live tigers. Among the latest in the time of the opening of the monuments are touching cubs on the Embankment and an adult beast near the Maritime Theater Maritime Theater building sculptured by the St. Petersburg animal sculptor Vladimir Petrovichev.