Scenic trip to Cape Tobizina

Scenic trip to Cape Tobizina
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Tour date: Upon request

Route program

Russky Island in Vladivostok is unusually rich in scenic places. After a bridge was built across the Eastern Bosphorus, it became a real discovery for fans of hiking. Cape Tobizina is a real catch for nature lovers and photographers: at any time of the year you will find numerous places for making incredible photos, you can have a picnic among the cliffs, and especially lucky travelers can see largas (spotted seals) here in the winter season. In summer, lovers of extreme entertainment gather at the cape - here you can jump from a cliff to a rope (rope jumping), dive from the ledges into the blue water of the Sea of ​​Japan, and also organize a climbing session (please request in advance).


The Tobizina Lighthouse is located on a promontory on a chessboard plateau - a platform of flat stones of unusual shape.


After we cross the bridge from Vladivostok to Russky Island, you will have a pleasant walking tour along a beautiful nature trail. You will walk to the cape along secret paths that only locals know about. The track to Cape Tobizina will run through the forest, and then along the edge of the cliffs, from which fascinating views of the Sea of ​​Japan and the island’s coves open up.


To see this place in all its glory, you can go to the Cape in the early morning, before sunrise, and meet the dawn on the seashore. Or come here in the evening and admire the scarlet Far Eastern sunset.


Forget about the rhythm of city life for a day - we are going to enjoy natural beauty, charming shots and new impressions.


This place will not leave anyone indifferent! The clear sea of ​​amazing turquoise color, colorful flower meadows, steep cliffs and beautiful rock!


For a walk you need to have: comfortable sports shoes, snack (or picnic food), light windproof clothing (in summer), rain coat, photo / video camera. During the movement in the dark (meeting of dawn and sunset) - flashlights.