Slepikovskiy Cape lighthouse

Slepikovskiy Cape lighthouse
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Tour date: June-September

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Slepikovskiy Cape is located about 29 km north of Kholmsk. It got its name after the famous partisan unit leader – B.V. Grotto-Slepikovskiy – who fought bravely during the Russo-Japanese War at the South Sakhalin.


In 1934, when Sakhalin used to be a part of the Japanese Empire, a 27—meter high lighthouse was built at the cape, and even nowadays it shows the way to the sailors, traveling along Sakhalin shores.


You will have a unique opportunity to see this unique building with your own eyes, talk to lighthouse keeper, who has been on service for more than 20 years, and probably he is the one to open the doors for you into the very heart of the old lighthouse.


If, while traveling to the Cape, we catch good weather, you can swim in Tatar Strait and enjoy the sunset at Kholmsk Pass.


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