Udege village "Krasniy Yar"

Udege village "Krasniy Yar"
  • Duration: 3 days / 2 night
  • Tour date: Upon request


Krasny Yar is an Udege village in the Bikin river basin.

Pozharskyi region, Primorsky krai (region)

Amazing place for ecotourism, located just 4 hours drive from Khabarovsk city

Route program

Located just 4 hours drive from Khabarovsk in the Bikin river basin, this place has the last in the Far East massif of untouched cedar-broadleaf forest and is acknowledged to be the native land of Udegei and Nanai people, home for Amur tiger.

The symbol of this unique and important for the whole planet territory is tiger. In Russia the biggest population of Amur tiger lives here. The territory is included in the international wild nature

conservation program and is supervised by WWF. Just after a few hours of driving you come to a unique place, with untouched wild taiga forests rich with cedar-trees, an ideal place for rest, hunting, fishing, boating on the mountain river.


Here you can find:

- Neighborhood community of indigenous people of the North called “Tigr”.

- Mission of the association of indigenous people of the North, Siberia anf the Far East.

- Ethnographical museum of Udege culture + open-air museum “Udege people huts”.

- Center of handicraft workshops of Udege culture on making clothes and souvenirs from fish skin, wood, animal’s fur, stone, wild animal’s bones (traditional arts and crafts of Udege people).

- Touristic lodge on the bank of the river in the taiga forest (40 minutes by boat).

Udege people of “Krasny yar” are the indigenous people of this area, they are far from the modern civilization and till the latest time they were living closed to the influence from the outer world. Here tourists will have the unique opportunity to see real original way of life and culture of Udege people.

Nowadays foreign tourists from such countries such as Germany, Japan, Korea often visit this place.

A truly unique place, unique tours for foreign tourists, who love wild nature and want to visit “home” of Ussuriisky tiger ,Taiga cedar-tree forests, have an experience of living among Udege people, real hunters, fishers, masters or handicrafts, real children of Taiga, whose culture has close connections to the wild nature.


Foreign tourists will be offered to:

- indigenous Udege people will greet foreign tourists according to their traditions;

- welcoming performance of the Udege ensemble (shamanic singing and dancing with tambourines)

- tour around Udegai village, the opportunity to see the way of life and culture of indigenous people of the North and the unique chance ti live in the Udege people’s family.

- the excursion to the unique ethnographical museum of Udege culture with photo session in national Udege costumes;

- visit to the workshops of traditional Udege crafts;

- living on the bank of the river in the cedar-trees forest;

- you can aslo go hunting with experienced Udege guide (upon the request);

- fishing (upon the request);

- boat ride;

- hiking along ecological roots in Ussuri Taiga forests.


We can offer you special licensed hunting and fishing tours.





08:00 Depart Khabarovsk to UDEGE village KRASNIY YAR by off-road car (minibus) 220 km by BAM road to the bridge over Bikin river (4 hours on the way)

12:00 Change for Udege motor boats at the bridge (2-3 pax on 1 boat), transfer to Krasniy Yar by river (1 hour).

13:30 Arrive to Udege village Krasniy Yar.

Accommodation at homestay or guest house.

14:00 Lunch at ethno-center (Udege and Far-Eastern taiga dishes).

15:00 Excursion in the ethno-center: greeting the guests with traditional Udege ritual, "kunkan" playing (Udege vargan instrument), Udege songs, enjoying national rites (shaman fire feeding rite or hunters farewell rite)

Folklore concert of Udege dancing ensemble "Agdaimi" (Joy), Udege life scenes, Udege tambourine dancing.

National games: lance throwing, bow shooting, walking on stilts, jumping over sledges, Udege fishing.

Excursion in the local ethnographic museum, learning about the culture and traditions of Udege minority.

Visit to national Udege embroidery workshop, learning about the types of embroidery with color threads and beads. Master-class in national Udege souvenirs.

Dinner at homestay (guest house)

Enjoying wooden banya with birch (oak) bunch and herbal tea.

Overnight at homestay (guest house)




09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Excursion around the village, learning about the lifestyle, household, crafts and trades of Udege minority. Meeting with local old inhabitants - keepers of national folklore.

13:00 Visit to local school. Visit to local apiary.

14:30 Lunch at homestay (guest house)

Transfer to taiga Zaimka (camping) on the bank of the Bikin river (40-50 min by motor boats.

Arrival to Zaimka (camping). Accommodation at wooden lodge with electricity, furnace (heating place), kitchen, bedrooms, toilet outside the house.

Fishing from the river bank, strolling in taiga for wild taiga plants: fern, mushrooms, herbs, berries, nuts, strobilus (depending on the season).

Cooking dinner, master-class in cooking ukha from Far-eastern fish species, Udege style "tala" and "stroganina", "5-minutes" caviar, "tandyr" fried fish, fried on open-fire fish

Dinner at the lodge.
Enjoying wooden banya with birch (oak) bunch and herbal tea.

Overnight at zaimka (camping).




09:00 Breakfast.

Ecological path along Ussuri taiga forest,  learning about original Far-eastern flora and fauna.

13:00 Master-class in Udege style of hunting and fishing. Tracing the paths and habitat of wild animals and Ussuri Tiger. Strolling in taiga for wild taiga plants: fern, mushrooms, herbs, berries, nuts, strobilus (depending on the season).

15:30 Lunch at taiga zaimka (camping)
18:00 Transfer by Udege boats along Bikin river (up the water stream 2 hours) with stops for toilet and tea.
Change for off-road car (minibus), transfer to Khabarovsk (220 km 4 hours on the way).

22:00 Arrival to hotel in Khabarovsk.