Oblachnaya Mountain (1855 m)

Oblachnaya Mountain (1855 m)
  • Duration: 1-3 days


Oblachnaya Mountain (1855 m) - is the highest and one of the most famous mountains of Primorsky Krai, located in the central part of Primorye, in the valley of the Ussuri River. The altitude is 1854 meters above sea level. The mountain is located in the National Park "Zov Tiger" in the Chuguevsky District. 

Route program

Day 1

15:00 - departure from Vladivostok. Delivery to the head of the Ussuri River, Arhipovka village, Chuguevsky District, 420 km from Vladivostok. Everywhere is asphalt road, the last 30 km without asphalt, but a good dirt road. There are beautiful landscapes of Primorye on the way.

21:00 - arrival in the Arkhipovka village, the country lodge "Derevenskoye Podvorye". Accommodation in rooms. Dinner. Russian banya with a broom.


Day 2

5:00 - breakfast

6:00 - Drive to the national park "Zov Tiger" by GAZ-66. Moving to the root of the Oblachnaya mountain. Ascent of the mountain. Snacks are on your own.

22:00 - return to the country lodge "Derevenskoye Podvorye"

A good dinner for the winners. Banya with the birch brooms.


Day 3


Departure to Vladivostok.


You can stay at the country lodge "Derevenskoye Podvorye" - relax in nature, making shish kebabs (Shashlik), making photos in Old Believers' costumes, dancing to the gramophone, excursion to the village, to an apiary, fishing in the Ussuri River.



Accommodation in the country lodge "Derevenskoe Podvorye" - a two-flore wooden house, rooms for 2-4 people. Shower and toilet in the house. Bed linen, towel, slippers. Attic - the second floor of the house, rooms 4-6-bed. Toilet and sink - in the yard. Russian bath with a broom for 6 people.


Meal - homemade russian national cuisine. 


Natural conditions during the trip.

There is already late Autumn in September-October in Chuguevsky districtate, in the daytime the temperature can reach + 20C, the nights can be cool the temperature is about 0С. Moss and ticks - no.

The Oblachnaya is the highest mountain in Primorye. The height of the top is 1855 m above sea level, a qualified car delivers us up to 700 m. The rest can be overcome in 4-6 hours. Hypertension and asmatics - it is necessary to take medicines, this is due to a change in pressure at an altitude above 1000 m...

Climbing for an unequipped person is extreme and and it can be hard. During the ascent, you will encounter the following difficulties: movement along the forest path and along large stones, overcoming obstacles in the form of steep climbs, logs, fords, thickets of dwarf-pine, with careless movement, dislocations and sprains are possible. Before climbing carefully listen to the instructions of the guide, fix all clothes, pack things, you can leave unnecessary things in the car. The useing of water and food on the way should be moderate. In case of bruises, sprains and other painful sensations, it is necessary to inform the guide. In cases of injuries, the guide has a first aid kit.


Clothing and equipment

Clothing and footwear should be convenient for walking through the forest, stones (tourist boots with a thick sole). Do not shoe shoes that are designed for the city. Personal things should be in a backpack, there is no need to take a big backpack. It is forbidden to take with you bags, women's bags. Don’t take too much things.

Compulsory clothing: warm clothes for morning and evening, (things can be left in the car), warm jacket in case of cold weather, warm and thin (cotton) gloves, hat, flashlight (because it is possible to move at dusk).



Snacks (sandwiches, candy, chocolate, fruit), drinking water - 1 liter (or an empty bottle, water can be dialed in a creek), you can take thermos with tea.

The national park "Zov Tiger" was established in the Primorsky Territory in 2007 in the territory of the Southern Sikhote-Alin. Tourists can see the sources of the largest rivers of the region - Ussuri and the unique waterfalls of the Milogradovka River traveling through the park. Here are the highest mountain of the region - Oblachnaya and the most beautiful of the tops of the Sikhote-Alin – the mountain Sister, crowned with numerous quaint rock gendarmes. Here is one of the most important habitats of the Amur tiger, which gave the name to the national park.