Russky island HIGHLIGHTS

Russky island HIGHLIGHTS
  • Duration: 1 day


4x4 off-road adventure tour

Route program


  • - Explore whole Russky island
  • - Learn military history of Vladivostok Fortress
  • - Enjoy epic views
  • - Take incredible photos
  • - Discover forts
  • - Taste monastery cuisine
  • - Try fresh seafood


  • - Guide
  • - Off-road transport
  • - Monastery lunch / seafood lunch (on your choice)
  • - Fresh seafood tasting


Know before you go:

• Keep in mind that you can get dirty. Wear comfortable shoes, no heels


This ring route around Russky Island includes all the best that you can imagine! The combination of photo tour, history and adventure makes really perfect memories of your experience. During this full day tour, you will visit absolutely epic views for making incredible photos, see scenic sea panoramas, hear the history of the development of the island, get acquainted with the military past of Primorye, visit forts – parts of Vladivostok fortress.


You will cross Golden Horn Bay and Eastern Bosphorus Strait by 2 beautiful bridges Golden Bridge and Russky bridge and enjoy scenic sea views. So this is just the beginning of your trip to Russky island – there’s so much more to discover!


On your way you will visit the unique Voroshilov Battery, on which very rare gun mounts with a caliber of 305 millimeters are preserved, the construction of which began in 1931. The Voroshilov battery is one of the most unique coastal batteries in the world, the analog of which is only in Sevastopol. The towers of the battleship “Poltava” and the guns of the legendary “Empress Maria” with a caliber of 305 mm stood on the defense of Vladivostok and Russky Island for 63 years, which provided the battery with a place in the Guinness Book of Records.


The next stop is the man’s monastery - the only island monastery in the Far East of Russia. In the past, these were the most powerful fortifications of the Vladivostok fortress, then, in Soviet times, the territory of one of the military units, now the spiritual warrior monks have replaced the defending soldiers. A long, barracks-type one-story building in the back of the courtyard is the main temple of the monastery, once a regimental church of the 34th Siberian Rifle Regiment, then a club. Here there will be the monastery lunch.


Thanks to off-road transport, you will go to the Russky Mountain - this is the highest point of Russky Island and one of the largest peaks in Vladivostok. The top offers a wonderful view of Vladivostok, Elena island and the northern part of the Russian island. Here you can make mind-blowing photos.


Then the route will go along the bay to fort # 9, 166 m above sea level. In addition to the most powerful concrete defensive structures, Prince Rurik Fort has a developed network of underground galleries for various purposes. Despite the fact that most of the premises of the fort have never been used by anyone for almost 100 years, the excellent safety of structures amazes its visitors. Until the mid-1990s, a small part of the fort was used as an object of the Ministry of Defense; at present, the fort is completely abandoned. From the firing lines of the fort there is a breath-taking view to all the islands south of Vladivostok, in good weather visibility is up to 80 km, the position of the fort is an observation point on the whole Russian island. Here you will hear an interesting story about amazingly beautiful nature, the water area, and islands.


Along the Voevoda bay, where you will visit Marine Farm. Here you will meet marine biologists who are engaged in the cultivation of aquatic organisms. Accompanied by a technologist, you will visit the premises where spawning and cultivation of sea cucumber and oysters takes place. You can see where scallops, sea cucumber, and oysters are grown.


Next, you will have a tasting of scallops and oysters, which you can choose.


You will visit the smallest and most “crafty” fort of 1910 – Fort #10. It is connected by an underground passage to battery #982. Here you have a chance to see the only rangefinder that has survived on the island and enjoy a very beautiful view of the coast of Russky Island and the adjacent waters of Peter the Great Bay, where you can take many memorable photos.