Fort #7. Part of Vladivostok Fortress (by car / bus)

Fort #7. Part of Vladivostok Fortress (by car / bus)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Tour date: Daily


The tour will take you to one of the sixteen forts of Vladivostok Fortress, located 164 m above sea level. Vladivostok Fortress used to be considered one of the best and strongest coastal fortresses in the world. At the beginning of the 20th century foreign experts considered Fort #7, which for the most part lies underground, “the work of engineer art”. You will have an opportunity to feel like a fortress defender walking along the numerous underground structures.

Route program

An easy-to-navigate military historical tour of the concrete fortifications and large dungeons of Fort No. 7 of Vladivostok Fortress. Fort number 7 is named after the heir to the throne of the Tsarevich Alexis. The object was built as part of the Northern Line of Defense of the Vladivostok Fortress according to the August 1910 draft. Construction began in September 1910 and lasted until the beginning of the October Revolution. Because of it and the ensuing Civil War, the construction of the fort was not over and stalled forever at around 95% of the project. Nevertheless, according to the former director of the excursion bureau Fort Fort Sergei Popov, the "seven" for 1916 was one of several fully combat-ready forts of 11 similar fortresses on the project.

Guests of the excursion will see a huge underground barracks, which could accommodate up to 400 people. garrison, a ladder from the dungeons on the reduite on top, an underground reservoir, a casemate of a former fort kitchen-bakery, a deep-seated cellar for expendable ammunition. Tourists will have to walk with lanterns up to 1400 m along the impressive tunnels of the fort at a depth of 22-24 m. Sightseers will be able to see firsthand how thanks to the genius of engineering thought, the quality of labor and solid investments, the Vladivostok fortress, without firing a single shot at the enemy, unapproachable for the Japanese army and navy "the key of Russia to the Pacific Ocean" - the city of Vladivostok. In good, clear weather from the top of the Toropov mountain, you can see an excellent view of Vladivostok, the Amur Bay, the Sedanka airfield, the De-Friesa Peninsula and the new low-water bridge, the M60 motorway, the fort's fortresses, and even the border with China the island of Russian. In the object there is a room, heated with a fireplace and a stove, various exhibits, a fortress map, a volumetric layout of the fort. Tourists will be able to purchase souvenirs for a good memory: magnets and postcards.


In the tunnels and galleries of Fort No. 7 in summer, the temperature ranges from +10 to +16 degrees Celsius, and in winter - from street to +5. Inside the fort there is partially installed temporary electric lighting (but most often it does not work for technical reasons).


CERTAINLY NEEDS WARM CLOTHES (in the tunnels it's cool, outside on the hill there can be a strong wind) and do not use shoes with heels.


EQUIPMENT. Each participant is given a free lantern for the duration of the excursion. In rainy weather, we can provide a group of up to 20 people by army raincoats.



This price includes: foreign language speaking guide, transportation, entrance tickets.