Explore the Vladivostok Fortress

Explore the Vladivostok Fortress
  • Duration: 1-6 days
  • Tour date: Upon request


Vladivostok Fortress used to be considered one of the best and strongest coastal fortresses in the world. You will have an opportunity to feel like a fortress defender walking along the numerous underground structures with Dalintourist company. 

Route program

Do you know the difference between Vladivostok and other cities? 


Here we can show you the biggest and unique fortress in the world - VLADIVOSTOK FORTRESS. 

Situated too far from Moscow, Vladivostok had to defend itself from the very beginning. And now the fortress consists of about 900 positions, 700 of them underground. Some of these positions are abandoned and open to everyone. 

We can visit them by cross-country vehicle. 

Moreover we offer you to see the dungeons of Stalin epoch straight in the centre of the city. 


The objects of the Vladivostok Fortress - military fortifications, built by Russian engineers at the beginning of the 20th century, still arouse the interest of residents and visitors of the city. It is called one of the most powerful sea fortresses in the world. Today many objects are open for visiting. Tourists in the company of experienced guides can walk through the underground labyrinths and marvel at the miracle of the engineering thought of their creators.


Can you imagine long tunnels crossing a hill in the downtown?


Let's go with us, and you will learn a lot about the secret pages of Vladivostok history. 


If you are interesting in this tour, please let us know.