Dungeons under Vladivostok: secret path of Communist Party

Dungeons under Vladivostok: secret path of Communist Party
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Tour date: Daily


We invite you to touch the historical secrets of the dungeons of the special structure, known as object number 1 for the headquarters of the Local Air Defense located under the center of Vladivostok.

Route program

There is no metro in Vladivostok, but city dungeons are not inferior to metro in their scope. Vladivostok is an city-iceberg, the underwater (underground) part of which is no less impressive than the visible. A large part of the underground of this city-planning mycelium, the root system of the city - is associated with the objects of the Vladivostok fortress, built in the early twentieth century. In addition to the forts and batteries scattered throughout the city, these are cellars, galleries, warehouses, etc.


The objects of the Vladivostok Fortress - military fortifications, built by Russian engineers at the beginning of the 20th century, still arouse the interest of residents and visitors of the city. It is called one of the most powerful sea fortresses in the world. Today many objects are open for visiting. Tourists in the company of experienced guides can walk through the underground labyrinths and marvel at the miracle of the engineering thought of their creators.

Among man-made dungeons there are also those built in Soviet times. For example, the former top-secret bunker built in the 1940s in the center of the city is a complex of shelters for higher party officials and a point of control for the NKVD.


Dalintourist offers you a thrilling tour to the former top-secret facility of Vladivostok: NKVD and CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) dungeons, located right under the city center. This is a complex system of underground shelters and bunkers for the higher ranks of  Primorsky Regional Committee, Executive committee, city committee of Vladivostok, Leninsky district executive committee.


ATTENTION! You will hear the latest declassified information from the State archive of Primorsky territory! No fakes, reliable information only.



We willl walk like diggers, with lanterns, more than 1 km in concreted adits of deep foundations.

In an underground walk it is necessary to take warm things with you, even if the heat in the street is always quite cold in the dungeon. Keep in mind that you can get dirty, - such excursions are definitely not for lovers of glamor. Shoes should be comfortable - no heels, since you will have to go by the light of flashlights on the uneven floor. But we do not need to take lanterns, we give them to you.



This price includes: foreign language speaking guide, transportation, entrance tickets.