Velikan Cape and Ptichiy Cape

Velikan Cape and Ptichiy Cape
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Tour date: June-October

Route program

Pick up comfortable shoes and be ready to have a walk at unforgettable places, breathe in the fresh air, and hear interesting excursion from an experienced guide. Velikan Cape and Ptichiy Cape are known not only by their unusual names. Nature created the whole natural assembly out of these two magnificent “brothers”. They are totally worth being seen. It seems like two stone giants protect the emerald-colored taiga and bottomless waters of Okhotskoye sea. This place has a unique atmosphere, that is hard to describe and even photos can not show its true beauty.


The unique natural monuments you will never forget


The east coast of Sakhalin deviates with its splendor, which was created by nature itself. The majority of stone sculptures with unique view appeared due to the efforts of the strong winds and sea waves. Unusual laced rock arcs and pillars became a place for living for colonies of birds. They feel safe and secure in these comfortable and quiet bays, hidden from natural disasters and human intervention. The huge rock, that looks like a bogatyr (hero of folk Russian legends) from afar, is the pride of this composition.


Since 1990 this territory got a status of the Monument of Nature, thus nothing interferes with the natural life of local inhabitants, including Pacific salmon. At the end of summer, you can watch this wonderful fish during its spawning season.


The peculiarities of the tour:

- You can get to Capes from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by bus. The route is rather long – about 100 km – and some of the roads are natural ones and there are a lot of mountain passes, sharp climbs, and steep descents. The landscapes are breathtaking.

- At Okhotskoye settlement market, that is passed on the way, tourists can buy tasty seafood.

- The 5-km long walk at the coastline takes about 3 hours, thus the comfortable sports shoes are needed. In case of bad weather, it is strongly advised to take raincoats.

- Some travelers go fishing or swimming in a cold sea. Others sunbathe at the sand coast under the warm sun.

- The flavor of the excursion is catching sea urchins – the main Sakhalin delicacy. People hunt for it during ebb tide. Its caviar is good for health, and the catching process itself is fascinating and enthralling.


The price includes:

- Transport

- Guide

- Refreshing drinks



Please, clarify the price with the company’s representative before booking.