Tikhaya bay and Klokovskiy waterfall

Tikhaya bay and Klokovskiy waterfall
  • Duration: 9 hours
  • Tour date: May-October

Route program

Join us in the entertaining adventure to Tikhaya Bay and Klokovskiy waterfall. Grab your camera - the moments you spend here would stay with you for a long time. The variety of rare plants - marine briar rose, lungwort, spikenard, Thermopsis - cover the foot of the bay. Curious sea lions, noisy seagulls, crab market, and amber collecting - what could be more enthralling and beautiful?


Ivan Fyodorovich Kruzenshtern – a famous Russian seaman – named the bay “Tikhaya” (the Russian word for “Quiet”) for a reason. It is located on the East of Sakhalin and is covered by Zhdanko ridge in the West. This is a true idyll, hidden from waves and winds. Tourists envy the locals, who could easily enjoy the pleasure of seeing local beautiful places, quiet and bliss every day, every hour, every moment.


Tikhaya Bay - the treasure of Sakhalin


The key sight of this place is a lonely standing island. It has a wide bottom and flat top. There is no access to the island. But it is clearly noticeable even from afar, thus it got its so loud-speaking name - Zametniy ("Noticeable" in Russian). This place is inhabited by noisy seagulls, the real hosts of this place, who break the peace and quiet of the bay from time to time. 


Klokovskiy waterfall has been named after the cape, located nearby. 49-meter high impetuous waterfall becomes wider at the bottom, and the peak of this amazing view is covered with mighty Sakhalin taiga.


The road from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Bay takes about 2-3 hours. On the way to the bay, you will hear a story of the Japanese period of this place. The remnants of demolished Shinto shrine are located not far from here as well as the main attraction of Vzmoriye settlement - Torii gates. You can also buy tasty seafood at the market.


One of the stops on the way would be devoted to amber collecting. To bring it home as a souvenir is a very good decision.


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