Visiting museums

Visiting museums
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Tour date: Upon request


During this tour you can visit one of the Khabarovsk museums with the guide on your choice. 

Route program

We offer you to visit one of the Khabarovsk museums:

  1. Lore museum named after Grodekov (MON - off, MON entrance is possible for double payment) - One of the oldest museums in the Far East, founded in 1894, with more than 400 thousand different exhibits.
  2. Khabarovsk Archeology Museum (MON - off) - The exhibition tells about the history and ancient cultures of the Amur region. The museum building is a monument of architecture, culture and history of federal significance.
  3. Far Eastern Art Museum (MON - off) - The museum has the largest collection in the Russian Far East. You can see paintings made by Vereshchagin, Shishkin, Repin, Titian, Rubens, Rembrandt. There is also a collection of ancient weapons.
  4. The Military Historical Museum of the Far Eastern Military District (any day on request) - The museum is located in a historic building on the banks of the Amur River in the historic center of the city. It has a collection of battle banners of the Civil and the Great Patriotic War, domestic and foreign firearms and bladed weapons, orders and medals, uniforms and equipment, paintings and drawings, military and political posters. In the courtyard of the museum, you can find an exhibition of military equipment.
  5. The Museum of the City of Khabarovsk (MON - off) - It is the youngest museum in the city opened in 2004. The pride of the museum is the collection of weapons and firearms of the twentieth century.
  6. Museum-aquarium of Far-Eastern species of fish (MON - off)
  7. The Amur Bridge museum (SUN, MON, TUE - off, other days on request)


Price per pax:

1 pax – 2930 rub         5 pax – 1350 rub          9 pax – 1120 rub

2 pax – 1910 rub           6 pax – 1280 rub         10 pax – 1090 rub

3 pax – 1600 rub           7 pax – 1200 rub

4 pax – 1530 rub           8 pax – 1150 rub