Nanai village Sikachi-Alyan

Nanai village Sikachi-Alyan
  • Duration: 7-8 hours
  • Tour date: Upon request


The Sikachi-Alyan is a small Nanai village, located on the bank of the Amur below Khabarovsk. On the road the distance from the city is about 75 kilometers. The village is famous for its petroglyphs - ancient images carved on basalt boulders.

Route program

09:00 depart from Khabarovsk to Sikachi-Alyan Nanai village (68 km by highway to Komsomolsk-na-Amure),

10:30 arrive to Sikachi Alyan, visit to local ethnographic museum,

12:00 visit to local Nanai family, meeting ritual in folklore style, excursion around the household, learning about traditions and lifestyle of local minorities, taking photos in Nanai costumes, lunch of national cuisine (ukha, fish dishes, fresh vegetables, herbal tea with bakery), boat trip to anciant rock paintings petroglyphs dating back to the 2000 B.C.,

15:00 back to the village, master class in national handicrafts or fish developing. Seasonal master-class salmon or pike "5-minutes" caviar cooking and tasting. Farewell ritual in folklore style.

16:00 arrive back to Khabarovsk.


Price per pax:

1 pax – 33080 rub           5 pax – 9540 rub          9 pax – 7640 rub

2 pax – 17555 rub           6 pax – 9540 rub          10 pax – 7640 rub

3 pax – 13360 rub           7 pax – 8270 rub

4 pax – 13360 rub           8 pax – 8270 rub


Tour price includes:

  1. foreign language speaking guide,
  2. transportation,
  3. visit to local inhabitants house of Nanai family for excursion in Nanai culture and traditions,
  4. excursion to petroglyphs (ancient rock painting),
  5. Nanai ukha,
  6. Nanai master-class in fish cutting.