Pidan mount (Livadiyskaya)

Pidan mount (Livadiyskaya)
  • Duration: 1 day

Route program

Mount Livadiyskaya (height 1332.6 meters), located in the southern Sikhote-Alin, is the dominant peak of the Livadiyskiy ridge, from which in clear weather overlooks the entire coast of Primorye from Nakhodka to Slavyanka. Unofficial, but the most common name for the mountain is the old name - Pidan, supposedly of Chinese origin, formed by the components: pi - great, large; Dan - rocks, that is, "Big Rocks." There is a myth that, in the Jurchen language, the name means “Stones strewn by God,” the name was given to the mountain due to kurums (stone screes), covering a significant area of ​​the slopes, as well as the peaks themselves.


People say that during the period of the Bohai empire, stone Maori guards were installed here and the famous wall of Pidan was built. The unceasing interest in the mountain is also fueled by the legends of the “White Woman” and “Flying Man”, incredible eyewitness accounts of mysterious phenomena associated with the mountain. Occultists, magicians, and psychics consider Pidan one of the magic centers of the Earth ...


Our tourists, overcoming fatigue, climb Pidan, and always make wishes! It is very important to do something to fulfill your dream! And here you are 1000 meters closer to the Cosmos ... You will definitely be heard ...!


Livadiyskaya mount is the most visited peak of the Primorsky Territory, usually, during the season over the weekend, it raised about 1100-1200, and sometimes 2000 people.





5:00 - departure from Vladivostok by bus. Delivery to the village of Lukyanovka, Shkotovsky district (about 3 hours on the way) *. Instruction of the guide.


- Transfer to an offroad vehicle of the Ural type (Gaz-66, Zil-131), delivery by forest road to the root of Pidan (on the way for about 1 hour).


- Climbing to the top of the mountain takes about 4-5 hours, depending on your physical condition. Making photos, rest on top.


14:00 - time "X" and we starting to climb down the mountain, regardless of whether you climbed to the top or not - the so-called "return point".


- Delivery by vehicle from the root of the mount to the bus, about an hour on the way.


22:00 - estimated time of arrival in Vladivostok





“Way of the champion” - according to the Priamoy (Direct) spring. There are more wild places, there is no crowd ..., in the fall of 2015 there was even a meeting with a bear ...


"Way of the monk" is an uphill climb on the stones, for trained tourists who can walk on big stones.


And the traditional route "Way of the pilgrim".





Climbing for an unprepared person is extreme and will require a lot of effort because only the uphill climbing takes 4-5 hours. During the ascent, you will encounter the following difficulties: movement along a forest path and over large stones, overcoming obstacles in the form of steep climbs, logs, fords, with careless movement, dislocations, and stretches are possible. In April, there is still snow at the root and at the top! Therefore, it is necessary to take warm, winter clothes and appropriate shoes with you on the road.


Before climbing, carefully listen to the instructions of the guide, straighten all clothing, pack, unnecessary things can be left in the car. Climbing takes place in a group (it is forbidden to run ahead, fall behind, go off the trail without warning). Drinking water and food along the way should be moderate. In case of bruises, sprains, and other painful sensations, it is necessary to inform the instructor-guide. In case of injuries, the instructor-guide has a first-aid kit.


At the top, there is a time for rest about 30-40 minutes, and for snack of your products. When descending from the top, you must be most careful, the end of the descent, as a rule, occurs already at dusk and as fatigue accumulates, the percentage of injuries is very high.


What to bring:

- warm clothes (jacket, woolen socks, sweater, warm pants, hat, gloves);

- a spare set of clothes;

- comfortable shoes that do not fall from the foot;

- spare shoes;

- it is not recommended to take new shoes;

- ointment or mosquito lotion;

- sunscreen;

- a baseball cap or panama hat, sunglasses;

- light, comfortable clothes for climbing;

- individual medicines and personal care products;

- a bottle of water, a thermos with tea and a snack.